Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Adventures of a Hop Head's Girlfriend

Today I want to introduce you to my other half, a hop headed beer enthusiast that I like to call my boyfriend.

I have mentioned Michael's home brewing and talked about our visits to local breweries in the past, but that was just the beginning of Michael's journey into the world of craft beer. We have become a blogging DUO! Michael has entered the blogosphere with me and is now blogging all about craft beer! Check out his blog, Adventures of a Hop Head!
"Adventures of a Hop Head is a craft beer blog that gives you a look into the compelling movement of craft beer around the world. It not only centers on the enjoyment of it in a glass but as well as the process that goes into making your beer." -Michael Robinson
I will say that I love being a hop head's girlfriend. The beer themed date ideas are endless! Beer carnivals, dog friendly breweries, beer tasting events and so much more!


Credits || Photography: Michael Robinson 


  1. How fun!! My husband loves craft brews, too! What are your favorite breweries in Charlotte?

    1. I loved Triple C Brewing because Dusty can join us, but I think my all time favorite is Noda Brewing(Coco Loco is my favorite beer they have!). Heist is fun too because you can order fancy cocktails!

  2. SO fun!! we brewed all the beer for our own wedding! we are HUGE about craft beer (seriously the only way to go!!) I am excited about your man's blog!