Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer Vacation

Summer is one of my favorite seasons! The days seem longer and there is always something exciting to explore. I have decided to take a little summer vacation from A Doodle Dose. I love this blog and sharing silly photos with you but right now soaking up every second of sunshine sounds better than sitting in front of my laptop for hours(though I do really enjoy wasting hours blogging). Dusty and I are getting ready to go camping in Canada for two weeks and I am working on an awesome photography collaboration that you will get to see next month!

So don't you worry I will be back in August, maybe even sooner, to share all of the summer adventures Dusty and I take together. Also, make sure you follow me on Instagram, I will still be posting all sorts of photos there! @emilyverdonk #dustythedoodle #emilylovessummer

Stay tuned... I hope everyone is enjoying summertime as much as I am!