Thursday, April 17, 2014

5 Things: I Learned About Living With My Boyfriend

Michael and I dated for about four years before we decided to move in together. I would say we knew each other pretty well when we got our apartment as a couple, or so I thought. You think you know someone, and then you move in with them and learn a million more things (even the gross habits they have). The end of April will mark one year that Michael and I have been living together. I will be completely honest, some days were better than others. Living with your boyfriend can be tricky. Today I wanted to share a few things I learned from our first year of living together.

  1. What’s mine is NOT always yours. This one really only applies to certain things. For instance when I want to use my new lotion from bath and body works but when I go to use it I find an empty bottle, I am not a happy camper (sorry Michael for ratting you out). Most things like food or toothpaste Michael and I share, but when it comes to shampoo, lotion or other fancy things I treat myself to, I do not like to share!
  2. Remember you are still a couple in LOVE and dating is important. It is easy to get lost in your busy schedule and forget to be a couple. There were times this past year when it felt like Michael and I were just roommates. After work I would watch T.V. and Michael would be in the other room on his laptop or vice versa. We would barely speak or ask one another how their day was. Together we learned that if we made time for dates (even just shutting everything off and eating a home cooked dinner at the table together) it helped remind us what an awesome couple we are. 
  3. Divide chores evenly. Okay… this one is totally something I try every day to be better about. I am awesome when it comes to cleaning and cooking and all that fun stuff, but when it’s late at night and I am all cozy in my pajamas and Dusty needs to go outside one last time I am the worst! Our apartment is on the third floor, so letting Dusty out is kind of a pain. Most of the time Michael ends up letting Dusty outside and we have definitely had a few fights about it. I recommend dividing any chores you have evenly, that way nobody gets the raw end of the deal. 
  4. Talk about EVERYTHING (even money).  For the most part Michael and I share everything with each other, probably too much sometimes. When it comes to paying bills we split everything 50/50, but we are at this weird place in our relationship where our money is still separate. I learned that it is best to be honest with each other about how much money you do have, or what your budget has to be. Makes everything so much easier. 
  5. For this last one, I decided to get Michael’s input. I asked him what he thought was a good thing to know if you are planning on moving in with your boyfriend/girlfriend. His answer was…

    Never say anything you will truly regret. After all you are living with this person and who knows you could be married to them someday. Do you really want to be with someone after they have said something so bad that they can’t take it back? Yes fights happen, at least to the best of us, but try and restrain yourself in that moment from saying something so hurtful, that you will immediately regret it.

Overall living together has only made our relationship stronger. I have learned so much about Michael and even more about myself. We have grown together this past year and I look forward to many more years to come! 

Credits|| Photography: Emily Verdonk 


  1. My husband doesn't like to share his snacks. He constantly hiding them from me because I do have a bit of a sweet tooth. So, that's our case of what's mine is not yours around this parts. I also agree that couples who live together should refrain from hitting below the belt and saying things they will regret. Take a breather and get some space if you feel yourself getting to that point.

  2. Splitting the chores is definitely important! My husband and I have different chores that we like doing, he likes doing the dishes and I like doing laundry. So even though we don't split those, they outweigh each other since we both would prefer to do one of them!

  3. Y'all are so cute! I never realized how important it was to discuss money and budgets until I got married and moved in with my hubster. It was definitely eye-opening! Luckily, he's handling the finances.