Thursday, May 22, 2014

DIY Beer Bottle Trellis

As you already know, Michael loves to brew his own beer and has recently started growing his own hop plants. You can check out his post on Adventures of a Hop Head, Home Grown Hops, to learn more about his plants. Hops grow like a vine, so we knew we were going to need some type of trellis for them. As Michael and I were debating over what type of trellis we should buy, I stumbled across this awesome Container Beer Garden from HGTV Gardens. It was perfect! I decided to give it a go and make my own.

I am really pleased with how the trellis turned out (Michael is too, YAY!). So far seems like it is going to work great. Although I have been doing a little research about these plants and found that they grow up to 20 feet tall! YIKES! Not sure how they are going to fit on our tiny apartment balcony if they ever get that big, but we will worry about that when the time comes.

This little project was super easy and I had most of the supplies on hand. You just need some empty beer bottles, garden twine, tall sturdy sticks and a nice plant to grow up your new trellis. For the complete directions visit, Happy gardening!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

50/100 Happy Days

Hooray! I am halfway through The #100HappyDays Challenge! I can't believe I have actually stuck it out this long. Patting myself on the back today! Oddly enough I found out while I was organizing all my photos that I got a little ahead of myself. I must of have been so happy one day that I posted two photos without even realizing it! I am really enjoying this challenge, all the messages and feedback I have been receiving from my readers and Instagram followers is incredible. You can find my first 30 pictures in this post, or follow me on Instagram@everdonk to get a daily dose of happiness!


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What We're Up To Lately

Michael and I are starting to feel at home in our new apartment. Work and life in general have been pretty busy the past couple of weeks. It is nice to finally be able to unwind and relax, now that everything is organized and starting to look nice.

The living room space is my favorite so far, I love how cozy and inviting it is coming together. Dusty loves to lay at my feet on a new rug I bought. I think it's his new favorite spot!

I am also LOVING our new kitchen, so much that I have been cooking up a storm! This past weekend, in the spirit of Cinco de Mayo I tried this recipe for Mexican quinoa. It was delicious and so easy. You literally just throw everything in one pan and let it cook, recipes like that are the the best.

I have also been working on perfecting my own corn tortillas. I was hoping to share the recipe, but it isn't quite right yet. If I had to choose one type of food to eat for the rest of my life, it would be Mexican!

I have mentioned Michael's blog Adventures of a Hop Head before, and you know how much we love to brew craft beer around here. Michael has taken things to the next level and started growing his own hops. It is going to be awesome to put home grown ingredients into a batch of beer one day!

I was inspired by Michael's green thumb and got a few plants of my own. Unfortunately I am a plant killer, I either drown them or make them suffer a severe drought. I went with some low maintenance cactus and succulents. We will see how long they survive. Crossing my fingers!

The best part of my whole week was having one of my photos featured on A Beautiful Mess. I have been following this blog for years and I can honestly say it is one of the biggest inspirations for my own blog. I am currently taking an e-course that these bloggers have just released called Blog Life, it's awesome. I am learning so many great tips and have a lot fresh ideas for A Doodle Dose!

This weekend should be fun. Michael and I are planning to take Dusty on a BIG hike!


Credits|| Photography: Emily Verdonk 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Welcome May Adventures

Wow, is April really over? This past month was so good to me and it went by incredibly fast. I started April by introducing a fun photo challenge, 100 Happy Days! If you are wondering what the heck I am talking about you can read all about it here, or follow me on Instagram to see what makes me happy everyday!

So far, I am 30 days into the challenge and still loving it. It's fun thinking of what photo I want to share and really reminds me of everything that made me smile throughout the day! Plus I enjoyed looking back and seeing all of the happy photos, most of mine include Dusty, I just love my doodle bear!

Not only did I begin an awesome photo challenge in April but I also started a new feature on A Doodle Dose called, 5 Things. I talked all about photography,


and living with my boyfriend.

5 Things: I Learned About Living With My Boyfriend turned out to be my most popular post EVER! YAY! It was so great to receive such positive feedback from all of my readers. You guys are awesome!

Of course my blog wouldn't be called A Doodle Dose unless I featured my favorite Goldendoodle, Dusty. I had so much fun writing my Dog Easter Egg Hunt post.
If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you know I was also very busy in April moving into a new apartment. I have been getting so many requests to share pictures of our new place, but don't worry, photos are coming soon along with a few DIY home projects. :)
Now it's time to welcome May adventures! May is all about getting settled into our new home and exploring our new neighborhood, plus now that the weather is getting warmer I am happy to enjoy more outdoor fun. I look forward to sharing all of my adventures with you, but I would love to hear what you think. Did you enjoy my 5 Things feature? Would you like more? Also would you be interested in more features with Dusty, like dog tricks and training techniques? I am happy to hear all of your requests and ideas. Leave a comment or email me personally!

Credits|| Photography: Emily Verdonk