Tuesday, May 20, 2014

50/100 Happy Days

Hooray! I am halfway through The #100HappyDays Challenge! I can't believe I have actually stuck it out this long. Patting myself on the back today! Oddly enough I found out while I was organizing all my photos that I got a little ahead of myself. I must of have been so happy one day that I posted two photos without even realizing it! I am really enjoying this challenge, all the messages and feedback I have been receiving from my readers and Instagram followers is incredible. You can find my first 30 pictures in this post, or follow me on Instagram@everdonk to get a daily dose of happiness!



  1. your dog. i love. i live in charlotte too! :)


  2. I have absolutely loved all of your pictures! I need to take up this challenge sometime:)

  3. so fun, i've just posted the exact same thing. getting closer to 60 days now and still loving this challenge!!

  4. My toy poodle, Pippin, is practically the same color as your doodle... maybe a little darker. I think they would look adorable together, and be great friends ;)

  5. Just came across your blog and I am loving it. So fun! Also, it make me happy that you've stuck to the 100happydays challenge. Such an awesome way to document all the good things in life. Excited to follow along :)