Friday, June 13, 2014

Bark in the Park | BB&T Ballpark

Happy Friday! Last weekend was a busy one! Michael, Dusty and I were lucky enough to explore Charleston, South Carolina and visit the new BB&T Ballpark in Charlotte. We went to Bark in the Park so Dusty got to come to the baseball game with us! It was great seeing all the other puppies and enjoy the game!

Though I love fun filled weekends, I also love lazy ones. This weekend we only have plans to hang out with a few friends and watch an unhealthy amount of Orange is the New Black(We love this show!). I am looking forward to laying low the next few days. Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?



  1. i love your picture where the cups spell out knights!

  2. Love this! Dusty looks like he is having so much fun :)

  3. your pup is the cutttttest! love his fur!
    love, taylor

  4. Ahhh the new stadium looks SO good! I just love that Charlotte skyline. We have been dying to come down and go to a game (we live in Greensboro)! :)