Thursday, September 18, 2014

Stone Mountain

This past weekend Michael, Dusty and I went hiking at Stone Mountain State Park. We took the Stone Mountain loop trail, which led us to a beautiful view of the summit.

We also took a detour off the trail to the 200 foot Stone Mountain Falls! Visiting the state parks in North Carolina is one of my favorite weekend past times. Earlier this summer, I blogged about a trip to Crowders Mountain State Park, but I have been to quite a few other state parks in NC and have loved them all.

Do you enjoy visiting the state parks in your home state?


  1. How do you keep Dusty from matting? My two doodles mat so badly when they get wet we won't let them go to the beach with us. Bummer!

    1. It's tough Lisa! I try to keep up with brushing Dusty regularly and in the summer when he is swimming a lot I tend to keep his fur cut pretty short. Around his feet and elbows I tell my groomer to cut shorter as well, just to keep it more managable!

  2. What beautiful scenery! Neither The Mister nor I are huge outdoors people (which is a shame as we live in VT) but we do make a point of going for at least a hike or two each year. Looks like you had a great day!

    Meghan xo

  3. We've been meaning to go out there! Thanks for inspiring us!

  4. Very beautiful pictures ! I need to spend more time outdoors myself