Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Eat Cake for Breakfast

Around here the holidays don't really end until about the middle of January. After Christmas and New Years are over, the first week of January is filled with birthdays! Saturday was my niece Samantha's birthday, today was my dad and Michael's birthday(yes they have the same birthday!)and this Sunday is my nephew Benjamin's birthday.

Michael and I work very opposite schedules, I leave for work early in the morning and by the time I get home Michael is already at work and doesn't get home until late at night. This leaves us very little time together during the week. We spend a lot of time playing catch up on the weekend, sharing stories we missed during our time away from each other. Since Michael's birthday fell on a weekday this year I had to get crafty with celebrating. I woke up super early this morning(which is a big deal for me, I am a hit the snooze 10 times before getting out of bed kind of girl) and I baked Michael's favorite cake. Carrot cake.

Once the cake was baking in the oven I got dressed for work and took Dusty on his morning walk. I was planning on letting Michael sleep in and wake up to a delicious surprise but by the time I got back from walking Dusty he was already awake. So I got out the candles and we celebrated with cake for breakfast!

It was fun celebrating a little differently, and hey I don't mind eating cake for breakfast!

One more birthday to celebrate this week and then Dusty and I are kicking on our hiking boots, it's time to shed all these extra holiday pounds!


Credits || Photography: Emily Verdonk


  1. aw, how sweet!!! :)

  2. Super sweet :) I totally understand the different schedules thing—I work a regular 9-5, and Jacob works 3pm to midnight or so. It's rough! Props to you guys!

  3. Aww, that is awesome. I understand the different schedules. My husband and I did that for most of the time we have been together except the last year.