Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Fringe: My "Perfect 5th"

I would like to welcome you to a brand new weekly feature here on A Doodle Dose. This feature is called Friday Fringe! Every Friday I am going to share with you either a beauty tip, a beauty tutorial, or just fun things that are happening at my salon and in the beauty industry! Are you excited? I sure am!

This week I wanted to introduce you to my career, and how I got to where I am today!

Back in November 2008 I began my journey. I attended beauty school at The Douglas J Aveda Institute in Royal Oak, Michigan.

My graduating cosmetology class at Douglas J

In December of 2009 I became a licensed cosmetologist and worked at my very first salon as an assistant. Working at this salon I was lucky enough to snag a ticket to the Loreal Professionel Academy in SOHO N.Y.C. It was a life changing experience!

I took a two day color class at the academy and learned from some of the leading artists in the beauty industry, including the remarkable Suzie Bond. They were two of the most career inspiring days I can remember. 

Training in SOHO with Suzie Bond

This was just the beginning for me. I was expanding my career and learning new tricks of the trade! My journey led me to a new salon where I met the most amazing group of hairdressers I could ever ask for. They became not only my co-workers but my best friends. We were an unstoppable team at Textured Salon.
My team at Textured Salon
As you know my boyfriend, Michael and I were on an adventure of our own, which lead us to North Carolina. In April of 2013 sadly I said goodbye to my team and set sail to continue my career in a whole new part of the country. Four salons later I am now a licensed cosmetologist in the states of Michigan and North Carolina and a part of a brand new team at Perfect 5th Salon!

Okay here comes the fun part. In 2011 when I went to New York I had no idea that one day I was going to be living in North Carolina. I also never imagined that after meeting Suzie Bond in SOHO I would get the amazing opportunity to be a part of her incredibly talented salon team. Yes that's right, I am working with Suzie Bond! You never know where life might take you. 

Perfect 5th got it's name from Suzie's musical background, but it just so happens to be the 5th salon I have ever worked at. Therefore I am calling it my very own "Perfect 5th". I am truly excited about my career and hope you will join me on my new adventure!

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  1. I am excited about your tips! I have been doing my makeup the same way forever. Happy to have you in NC!!